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The personal security of your employees and customers is of the utmost importance. Our Secure City ® service will design, install and support your entire surveillance, access and intercom systems.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial environment, large retail premises or public spaces, Secure City ® has got you covered.

The features of Secure City include:

  • the latest engineering and smart technology
  • intercom installation and service
  • physical office security and swipe access control
  • burglar alarm systems
  • IP CCTV surveillance and remote CCTV monitoring
  • advanced high-resolution CCTV video installation and camera upgrades
  • automatic alerts and notifications
  • internet enabled systems
  • licensed security installers and advisors
  • test and tag electrical leads
  • Victorian Security Registration: 906-339-10S

Your business and clients must be secure. Our smart building technology gives you protection and peace of mind.

Call DockCom about our Secure City solutions (03) 9008 7908